Frequently Asked Questions

When should I submit a manuscript?
The editorial office permanently approves manuscripts for reviewing. As soon as the formatting of a manuscript has been finished and covering documents are ready, you can submit the work.

Is it possible to exceed the amount of manuscript stated in the requirements for authors?
It is permissible to exceed the amount (2-3 pages) in case the text abridgement will lead to a significant decrease of the article’s scientific value.

May I send an article by e-mail?
According to the approved procedure of manuscript submission all the material to be submitted to the editorial office in print. It is permissible to send a file with a text and information about authors by e-mail.
Advance receipt of materials by e-mail will allow the editorial office to begin reviewing.

Is it permissible to submit a contract only with one author responsible for an article?
It is obligatory to have a contract for each article’s author. In case of untimely receipt of contracts for all authors by the editorial office the article’s publication may be postponed.

If I submit a manuscript now, in what issue it will be published?
When forming an issue’s content the editorial office does not follow the principle of manuscript receipt sequence. The decision to include an article into an issue in based on estimation of article’s scientific value, authors’ geographic representation, their academic degree and topical consistency of articles to be included in the same section.

Who will an expert reviewer of my article?
Information on reviewers, assigned to review a manuscript, is confidential. The reviews are presented to authors without signatures and surnames, positions, places of employment of reviewers.

How much does the publication cost?
Scholars having the degree of the doctor of sciences are not charged for publication in our periodical. Postgraduate students and degree applicants are not charged for article publication provided acquisition of an author’s copy. Composite authors that include scholars having the degree of the candidate of sciences are charged 3000 rubles, covering publication services and the journal annual subscription cost. In this case any co-author having the degree of the candidate of sciences can be invoiced.

What should I do in case some payment problems occur in a bank?
Such problems may occur due to the fact that the banking electronic system considers transfers of funds to university accounts only as payment for educational services. In this case a teller, as requested, should specify an account and a purpose of payment in the empty space.

Is it possible to accelerate publication of my article for extra payment?
Such model is not implemented by the editorial office. Acceleration of publication terms of an article is possible only by the decision of the management in case of high assessment of an article and reviewer’s recommendation.

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